How to really use PUT, POST and PATCH in a RESTful API

Http verbs, or header fields, are an important part of a RESTful api request, they allow us to separate and identify the requests purpose and enable all possible CRUD (create, read/retrieve, update, delete) operations which end users/BAs etc are more commonly used to describing.

There is not a direct mapping to between the http verbs and the CRUD operations and a misunderstanding of this mapping can be the source of over complicated explanations and wrong uses. This post looks to explain how this misunderstanding can come about and set right the purpose of the verbs. Continue reading “How to really use PUT, POST and PATCH in a RESTful API”

We don’t need Project Management, do we?

This article is not  about the nuances of why tracking issues is key or that your project is doomed if you don’t stick to change control (yawn). Although all that stuff is important this blog is about the various ways to put repeatable process in place so they can consistently repeat successful software delivery results with different types and sizes of project. Continue reading “We don’t need Project Management, do we?”