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Comments for john robert howard https://johnroberthoward.com technology ~ philosophy ~ art Fri, 10 Dec 2010 10:44:04 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.8 Comment on So you want to be a Project Manager? by John https://johnroberthoward.com/software-development/so-you-what-to-be-a-project-manager/#comment-16 Fri, 10 Dec 2010 10:44:04 +0000 http://www.pmgadget.co.uk/?p=333#comment-16 Hi Kartik, congrats on completing your BEng in Mechanical Engineering. A PM qualification and some project management experience can be very beneficial to your career especially if you want to move into Senior Management and beyond.

One question you might want to think about is your area of expertise. Most (but not all) PMs tend to specialise in one industry (mine is software engineering). Where might yours be? Given your qualification there are a whole range of possibilities from civil engineering, manufacturing, IT, transportation, communications etc etc. Once you think you might know it would be very beneficial for you to gain a few years experience delivering solutions. A natural progression for your career would then be to move into team leadership and then project management.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t become a qualified PM now, just that in my opinion the knowledge and experience you gain by working on a project is incredible valuable when you come to lead one. It enables you to see things from many different perspective. That said there are many successful PMs who started as PMs. If you want to gain a qualification this can be done either by self study then taking an public exam (slow but cheap) or by attending a course (quick but a bit more expensive).

In addition you need some experience and the best way to get some is to ask. Can I suggest you approach one of the PMs at Sunner & Associates and ask if you can help out on one of their projects? If you say that you are really interested in learning about what a PM does I am sure they will be more than happy to help and will probably appreciate an extra pair of hands too!

Hope this helps.

Comment on So you want to be a Project Manager? by Kartik Menda https://johnroberthoward.com/software-development/so-you-what-to-be-a-project-manager/#comment-15 Wed, 08 Dec 2010 23:14:57 +0000 http://www.pmgadget.co.uk/?p=333#comment-15 I am really interested in becoming a PM. I have recently completed my BEng Mechanical Engineering and am looking for an entry level position to kick start my career.

Comment on Capex vs Opex costs in cloud computing by capex vs opex costs Revisited » PM Gadget https://johnroberthoward.com/blog/capex-vs-opex-costs-in-cloud-computing/#comment-14 Fri, 03 Dec 2010 19:52:28 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=32#comment-14 […] In a previous article I linked to an external article by Bernard Golden on CIO.com called “Capex vs. Opex: Most People Miss the Point About Cloud Economics“. My understanding has broadened a little and I would like to discuss some further thoughts. […]

Comment on Capex vs Opex costs in cloud computing by john https://johnroberthoward.com/blog/capex-vs-opex-costs-in-cloud-computing/#comment-13 Sun, 07 Nov 2010 22:18:21 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=32#comment-13 Very welcome, credit where it’s due!

Comment on Capex vs Opex costs in cloud computing by Bernard Golden https://johnroberthoward.com/blog/capex-vs-opex-costs-in-cloud-computing/#comment-12 Wed, 06 Oct 2010 11:15:04 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=32#comment-12 Hey, thanks for the shout out!

Comment on Agile delivery, when it the right time? by Anna Smith https://johnroberthoward.com/software-development/agile-is-ittime/#comment-11 Sat, 04 Sep 2010 16:21:22 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=8#comment-11 Great stuff, thanks! 🙂

Comment on Agile delivery, when it the right time? by josephflahiff https://johnroberthoward.com/software-development/agile-is-ittime/#comment-10 Wed, 04 Aug 2010 21:05:03 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=8#comment-10 Anna,
Your last comment is worth exploring more.
I have used agile in other areas than software development with great success. In particular I have used it in helping Entrepreneurs start businesses (not technology businesses), using an iterative; build, release, feedback, adapt cycle.

On the other hand it doesn’t fit every situation. Much as my colleges of agile would like to say it is, Agile is NOT well suited to construction. 🙂

Comment on Agile delivery, when it the right time? by josephflahiff https://johnroberthoward.com/software-development/agile-is-ittime/#comment-9 Wed, 04 Aug 2010 21:02:04 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=8#comment-9 Awesome! We have a convert.

You hit it on the head. Now, be careful. Don’t become a zealot in the other direction. Neither Agile nor traditional [waterfall] methods are perfect in every situation. As you so rightly pointed out.

Agilists should take the same stance I read from you here. Agile has its limitations too and those should be embraced with the same grace shown here.

My Challenge to other Agile dogmatists is to look with as clear of an eye as you can at your approach and see the limitations. If you don’t the limitations will find you…
Joseph Flahiff

Comment on Agile delivery, when it the right time? by Anna Smith https://johnroberthoward.com/software-development/agile-is-ittime/#comment-8 Wed, 04 Aug 2010 16:31:06 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=8#comment-8 Hi John,

A few resources came to mind as I read your post:

“The key factor for great leadership is the ability to recognize, explore, deal with [in part via emotional resilience] and profit from ambiguous and chaotic situations and to lead others through them.” – D. Wilkinson , discussion in the comment section at http://www.n2growth.com/blog/leadership-principles/#idc-container

A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making, HBR: “Leaders who try to impose
order in a complex context will fail, but those
who set the stage, step back a bit, allow
patterns to emerge, and determine which
ones are desirable will succeed.”(http://www.mpiweb.org/CMS/uploadedFiles/Article%20for%20Marketing%20-%20Mary%20Boone.pdf)

…and the fun, innovation-sparking tool http://freethegenie.com/

Mike Myatt said, “A leader’s job is to deal in certainties where possible in order to
eliminate/mitigate risks associated with ambiguity.” – I definitely think this is a fascinating discussion; not just for the software industry.

Comment on We don’t need Project Management, do we? by pmgadget https://johnroberthoward.com/blog/we-dont-need-project-management-do-we/#comment-7 Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:22:34 +0000 http://pmgadget.wordpress.com/?p=3#comment-7 Hi there,

Thanks for your kind comments. I have read you article “We don’t need no Project Managers” over at The Project Management Hut and agree with the points you make about communications and facilitation between teams. The only thing I can add is that project scale is a factor when choosing to role share or not. The bigger the project the more the PM will have to do and therefore might not be able to carry out a ‘day’ job too! This is especially true if there are more than one tech delivery teams!

Would love to link share so will contact you as suggested.