Thanks, Daily Drop Cap! :)

I recently found the site by designer and illustrator Jessica Hische while researching the parallax feature, you know the one used on sites to provide a bit of life to webpages by suggesting depth or by moving images at different rates to others. Jess’s altruistic intention is to prettify the internet by regularly providing letters that can be used as initial caps on any site for free!

I think this is this is an amazing and fun resource and so have decided to use her dropcaps in all of my posts. It might take a while to go back over the history but it will be worth it as her designs and artwork are inspiring and beautiful. If you are interested in web design and specifically contemporary features like parallax take a look at too. This site was set up to illustrate her relationship with another well know US designer Russ Maschmeyer. Nice one guys, keep up the good work!